Two guided excursions, a taste of nordic walking and, if you want, free attend at the events Sciacchetrail® Outdoor & Family Village, connected to the third edition of trail run: Sciacchetrail®.

lavori manarola 3Yes, things in the phots do still exits at the  Cinque Terre. And it may also happen to see them. Not for granted, but possible to try. Before the package tours groups arrive!

Do you want to couple a sight of the terraces of the Manarola valley and some other places, with a taste of “mundane” life”?

If you are around for a week end, you are more than welcome, see the program: a part is with me, the rest is free. The program is for everybody, so spoken in Italian, but, since we have time, there will be also space for English translation !


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Saturday April 1. A walking tour of terraces, sights and hidden places of the  Manarola valley

Guided itinerary. Meeting place: Manarola, church square, 9.30 a.m. 

lavori manarola 5We will do a relaxed tour of the terraced valley, ascending to Volastra and watching all what is around. We will descend by lunch time, with a bit of regret but… let’s think of returning, and regret will vanish.

You can often read about “breath taking views” and similar amenities…. In reality, I can guarantee that this intinerary will give you breath, and not take; you will want to breath it all ! Well, maybe that a bit of your breath will be taken by some steep ascent, but we will afford them at adequate pace.

Participation fee: 10 euros per person. Confirm by Thursday, March 30, 3 p.m.; at For the double participation at the saturday morning excursion (this one) and sunday afternoon one (seee below):  15 euros per person.

Sunday  April 2, morning: a taste of  Nordic walking

Free attendance event. From 10.30 a.m. I will be in  Monterosso, for a  Nordic Walking demonstration, as an advanced apprentice, so peer-to-peer ! 

Nordic walking on the beach, with hiking guides  Sara Barani and Filippo D’Antuono, with  Leki poles (meeting point:  10.30 a.m. Stand Leki, Monterosso al mare)

Taken from the progam of the  Sciacchetrail days (also see:

Sunday April 2, afternoon. A classic crossing: from Monterosso to Levanto.

A classic guided itinerary. Meeting place: at the exit of the Monterosso railway station, 3.00 p.m.

levantoWe will do a very classical crossing, from Monterosso to Levanto. Mediterranean forests, views over the sea and the coast line will not miss. In Levanto, participants will be free to continue according to their programs, or return by train.

Participation fee: 10 euros per person. Confirm by Friday, March 31, 3 p.m.; at For the double participation at the sunday afternoon excursion (this one) and the saturday morning one (see above):  15 euros per person. Minimum number of participants: 10.


Organization and general conditions


Confirm your attendance by e-mail only, within the indicated deadlines.

Indicate: number and age of participants; name, e-mail and mobile number of the contact person and, if yo want, of the other participants.

The excursions will be cancelled: a) if the minimum number of attendants is not reached, for the one of Sunday, April 2 only; b) in case of bad weather.

I will reply with my confirmation or cancellation mail by the evening of the day of confirmation deadline.

Kind of itinerary

Thesa are affrodable itineraries, requiring however a minimum hiking practice. Some parts are very steep and with mountain trail characteristics. Teen agers may attend, if accompanied by a responsible adult. About children, evaluate yourself: if they are acquainted to walk, they may do, and enjoy.


This is what you must have with you: your personal backpack, with what you personally need; water, according to your needs: given thìe kind of itinerary, I would say that half a litre per person is enough. Hiking shoes, with sculptured sole. Hat. Clothes: if weather will help, we can stay very light; however, I invite to be on the safe side and bring what could be necessary: T-shirt, long sleeve shirt or light pile; thicker pile; waterproof jacket.


At the start. Please bring change cash. I will release a receipt.

To organised hiker groups

Besides this program, you may ask for tailor made itineraries in any moment, in all the areas of the Ligurian east and northernm Apennine.


Filippo D’Antuono

333 3404542 (possibly 15-18)

Hiking guide – Member of  Lagap (Libera associazione guide ambientali-escursionistiche professioniste – Professional association of environmental hiking guides). reg. n. 041