The Apennine of Umbria and Marche, north: map

NOTES for navigation.
  • clicking on pointers a name of a place will appear; browse and choose the one you want
  • if you use the “satellite” mode (this is the default mode), select the “etichette” option; if you use the “map” mode, select “rilievo”
  • you may enlarge or restrict the map below
  • you may follow the way I describe in the text and start to imagine the places
  • you may also click the names linked in the text; the map centred on this point will open in a new sheet of your browser: you will not see all the pointers, however
  • unluckily, also this amazing instrument has its minor lacks: I am introducing updates in Google maps, but this requires quite a time; for the time being, be patient and tolerate what is still missing or is not precise
  • PLEASE NOTE: these are not itinerary descriptions; only an overview of the area for a getting to know and start of exploration



Key words

Apennine of Marcheo, apennine of Umbria, Tevere river valley

Bocca Trabaria pass, Scheggia pass, Colfiorito pass

Mount Nerone, mount cucco, mount catria, mount pennino, mount san vicino, mount serra santa, mount maggio, mount subasio

furlo gorges, frasassi gorges,  colfiorito plateau, città di castello, gubbio, urbino,  gualdo tadino, fossato di vico, fabriano, assisi, perugia, iesi, cagli,