Conferences and courses are activities carried out at the customer’s facilities or in places booked and hired by the committing structures.


Conferences are generally short presentations about topics related to what specified in  più di 1000 web site. Conferences are aimed to illustrate specific topics in a undestandable and simple way, and stimulate discussion, not missing however in depth analysis, when required. Conferences may be used to introduce hiking activities and visit to specific places.


Courses are activities of different duration, that can develop over one or several sessions. They are aimed at transimitting specific knowledge in a more systematic and analytical way, even if maintaining an accessible and informal style.

Way of development

Conferences and courses are carried out at the committing structure headquarters. The usual way is by means of Power Point presentations, that can be integrated by other communication systems. Practical parts in the field can be included, when the case.
The necessary facilities (computer, overhead projector, appropriate room and background), must be available or supplied by the committing structure.
Topics (indicative). Itineraries, introduction to guided hikes; illustration on environments, land use, landscape; short courses on plants, vegetation, edible plants; traditional foods.

Beneficiaries and customers

Accommodation structures. Conferences and courses can be carried out for customers within their ordinary stay and programs, or, on commitmnet, as the main or accessory reason of their stay. The aim will be the promotion of  the interest on local area characteristics that may stimulate repeated stays and transmit positive image of the place, within the aims of più di 1000.
These activities may be coupled with guide services, according to what specified in the dedicated page.
Public administrations. Conferences and courses can be carried out for public administrations, within their institutional aims of promoting hiking and tourism, within the aims of più di 1000.
Education and training organisations.Conferences and courses can be carried out or organised for education and training organisations within the following activities:  a) training of operators in the area of environmental hiking; b) information of the public on themes of environmental hiking.
Privati. In the case of clubs and associations there could be the possibility of giving thematic presentations, on the subject already specified.  These activities may be coupled with guide services, according to what specified in the dedicated page.


For specific agreements, contact me.
The cost will vary according to the duration, the type of commitment and the need of preparing original material.
The cost will be built up of a part connected to work compensation and a part connected to refunding of travel and subsistence and other expenses incurred.
For possible guide service, the conditions specified in the guided hikes page do apply. In this case, the service includes the half daily or full day fee, as well.

General conditions

The materials used fro conferences and courses will remain my exclusive property; it cannot be given or used by third parties, including the committing structure.