Here below you find the possibilities for guided hikes services; for what you do not find here…. simply ask !

1. Guided hikes for privates, groups, associations

     1.1. How to reserve

2. Guide services for customers of accommodation structures, travel agencies, tour operators

3. Programs and hikes for camper van travelers

4. Photographic excursions

5. Prices

6. General conditions

 7. My qualification


1. Guided hikes for privates, groups, associations …

My preference is to  organise “tailor made” activities. However, I may peridically offer planned hikes with free participation, with pre-determined itineraries, dates, meeting places and time. In the section Topics you can find descriptions of places, facts, environments, activities etc., that may generate your interest and help you to address your requests; and in the page Hikes and other activities on demand or planned, possible proposals that you may consider. For the time being contact me for any need or request you may have.

So, how to act

For planned hikes and other activities

Simply, follow the posts in the page Hikes and other activities on demand or planned and make your booking, following the specific guidelines you find there, after verifying that the planned activity fits to you.

To reserve: you may use the site e-mail. The procedure is the following: contact me, if you need further details. I will also give you my bank data. NOTE: to avoid inconvenience for both me and the participants, your reservation is confirmed as soon as I receive proof of payment; please, do not charge me possible bank expenses you may have. The reservation must be finalised theer days in advance (e.g.: for Saturday hikes, within Wednesday evening). In case of cancellation due to external factors or my impossibility, your quote will be refunded within two days. In case of your withdrawal or not-show at the appointment, no refunding will apply.

For hikes and other activities on demand
– form your own group  (1 to 20 people, unless otherwise agreed)
– decide your target or imagine where would you like to go, or simply ask for my advise
contact me: we will build your itienerary on the basis of what you will be asking me and what I could feed back to you
– we will then decide the day and time of meeting

2. Guide services for customers of accommodation structures, travel agencies, tour operators

To accommodation structures (hotels, touristic villages, campasites, etc.), travel agencies, tour operators, I offer guide services according to two different approaches:
– guide services for itineraries decided by the committing structure;
– guide services on tailor made itineraries, on the basis on cuctomers needs and requests, according to what illustrated in the preceding paragraph

3. Programs and hikes for camper van travelers

I still own my camper van, where I could live well.
If camper van travellers wish to go hiking along their way, they may contact me; general conditions are illustrated at  point 1. I can simply join you at an agreed meeting place, or organise the hiking program from the beginning.

4. Photographic excursions

I am not a professional potographer. I cannot teach sophisticated techniques and, even less, how to improve your images by specific softwares. For this, lots of professionals, with fantastic internet sites,  are available .
I can however communicate something about how places and certain living organisms can be interpreted through photography.
With people wishing to approach this aspect, it is possible to organise thematic or free photographic excursions: plants, insects, nature and landscape will be however the main subjects.
I also own  respectable close-up equipment, with different camera bodies and lenses, that I may give for use (see the conditions below).
The photographic excursions, in principle, follow the same scheme as hikings. Only, the walking part is generally limited to what is necessary to the reach the target place and find the target subjects; it may also simply be a green area just out of the city.

5. Prices

For prices, contact me. Here below some general conditions and specifications are reported.

Hal f day excursion:  a basic price plus possibile additional costs.
These are excursions with an agreed departure time and return within 1 pm. Or, afternoon, 14.30 to 19. The decision about the possibility to develop a program within half a day will be exclusively mine.
NOTE: as a rule, unless they are part of more complex programs, half a day excursions are only possible for places in the immediate surroundings of my place of residence (about 60 km) from Cesena or in the area of Montemarcello-Magra or Cinque Terre.

Whole day: a basic price plus possbile additional costs.
These are excursions with an agreed starting time, and return within 8 pm .
NOTE: for hikes feasible in half a day, but that, for a matter of comfort or composition of the group, the group prefers to develop during a whole day, whole day prices will apply.

Basic costs
Up to 10 people: 200 euros, for full day; 130, for half day.
Da 11 a 15 persone: 230 euros, for full day; 140, for half day.
Da 16 a 20 persone: 250 euros, for full day; 150, for half day.
(Note: these costa may change if a change in fiscal rule will determine an increase of taxation)

Additional costs
My lunches: no charge, if taken from home; to be paid by participants, if at resturant.
My displacements: to be agreed. No additional costs, if within about 60 km from my place of residence (Cesena) or in the area of Montemarcello-Magra or Cinque Terre (Liguria region). No additional costs, if by the customers’ transportation (this possibility to be anyway agreed).

Possible tastings or entrance tickets to musea or similar places
To be paied  by participants, directly to the strucure organising the service. Orientatively, prices can be in the range of 10-15 Euros per person for wine and food tasting.

6. General conditions

Services longer that one day
For services spanning over more days, the daily prices will apply up to 3 days. All services of travel and accommodation booking and travel ticket purchasing are in charge of committing privates or competence of travel agencies and tour operators. Overnight hotel accommodation of me will be  paid by participants.  For even longer services, the specific conditions will be agreed.

Changes of the itineraries
The agreed itinerary can be changed at any time, for reasons connected to weather conditions or any other safety reasons, upon my exclusive respionsibility. Beyond that, the itineraries can be modified at any moment upon customers request, provided this is agreed and presented by a group leader, on behalf of all participants, within the constraints represented by available time and safety concerns.

The compulsory or suggested equipment will be specified case by case: for general indications, please have a look at the specific paragraph. For safety reasons, I may refuse the participation of whoever may represent a risk because of the lack of appropriate equipment.

 7. My qualification

Filippo D’Antuono

Via Viareggio 70, 47522 Cesena Italia

e-mail: info@più

Guided hikes. Consultant for itineraries, traditional foods, environment, plants.

Environmental and hiking guide


Affiliated to  AIGAE

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Associazione Italiana Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche

(Italian Association of Environmental and Hiking Guides)