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Are you a group, a travel agency, a tour operator, a local touristic entreprise? The following itineraries are all done and verified. Non-active links will be soon activated, but itineraries already exist. But please, consider them only as samples; what is not here, can be done: we will  build together your tailor-made hiking project.

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From the Cinque Terre to the river Magra mouth

gruppo manarola sent panoramicoA real classic: sea, stone terraces, vineyeards. Five villages, the best known, but you will discover that they are more. Go there, but avoid crowd; find the best out of season. And do not neglect the other fantastic places.


Liguria: the east coast from Genova to Levanto

D60_0364 s fruttuoso febbraio 2013The Ligurian east coast in not only Cinque Terre. Sea, forests, views on the inland mountains; old villages, muletracks, sanctuaries and unexpected pastoral landscapes. Not to be missed, year-round


Liguria: the inland valleys of the east

The mountains ovelooking the inland valleys of the east. The silence, at short distance from the sea, that you still see very well. True mountains, as perhaps you do not expect, even if almost year-round accessible.


The mountains of the Four Provinces

Border mountains, between four regions. Forests, open ridges, tiny and almost deserted villages. Diverse accents. An area that will catch you, to be discovered with patience and curiosity.


The Apuanian Alps

Where the Apennine becomes rocky. Not everything is for hikers there, but you will have anyway enough. Besides marble, traces from the past, of agricultural and pastoral activities. And great views over the sea.


The Apennine of Parma and Lunigiana

sillaraToo much for few lines. There the high Apennine ridge starts. South, from olive groves to the ridge, in little space. North, lakes and wooded valleys. Everywhere, old villages and again views on the sea.


The Apennine of Reggio, Lunigiana and Garfagnana

alpe succiso passo piatratagliataHere you raise… Three out of four over-2000 tops are there. And also the most difficult stretch of the ridge, vast glacial circles and the crags down to Lunigiana. But also plenty of hikes and villages, as usual.


The Apennine of Modena, Garfagnana and Pistoia

rondinaioStill high, but the most interesting mountain is not the tallest one. Again lakes and glacier valleys. As usual, search well, to find much more than you could have expected.


 The Apennine of Bologna, Prato and Firenze

pratignano corno alle scaleA two-face Apennine. Still a stretch of high ridge, then forests, where you will have to seek for your open views; but you will succeed. And you will not be disappointed of staying lower, among ancient villages.


The Romagna Toscana, the Apennine of Romagna and Montefeltro

saianoThere you find everything, except high mountains. But enough to make your choice hard, and your return easy. May be starting with a hike through the abandoned villages, speaking of people who lived there.


The ridge of Toscana, between the Arno and Tevere rivers

croce di pratomagnoA stretch of the main ridge, and long lateral ranges. An Apennine of forests, monasteries and plenty of ancient villages. But you may start from olive groves, to see the world from above… and the city of Florence, somewhere.


The Apennine of Marche and Umbria, from mount Nerone to Pennino

abbeveratoio cucco da catriaThe central Apennine starts there, with its limestone mountains, its steepness, the canyons, the open views. It is not yet high Apennine, but a good taste of it, of which you will hardly get tired.


Programmed hikes


Here below you find my programmed hikes, to which you can attend, with reservation. See the details entering in the links of the individual hikes. And, click the following links to know the ways to reserve and the general conditions.

Visit this section every now and then, to see what is planned !


Course, seminars and other activities on demand

This section sould be of main interest for accommodation structures, tour operators or associations, wishing to offer some of these activities to their customers or associates. I introduce you some possible topics: the way of development are mainly two. A full complete course, in a residential or by appointment formula, or shorter seminars, about specific topics. These courses can be held in English.

In all cases, the presentation will be as informal as possible, and technical informations will be transmitted with reference to real life facts, that you can have under your eyes.

Click here for an overview of possible topics

Some of my previous performances

Scelte di testa e scelte di gusto: come funzionano con i ‘grani antichi’ ? Oriolo dei Fichi, Faenza, Italia.

What traditional foods really are ? Thoughts about foods, roaming across knowledge of the places, and formal definitions, local and global. Struga, Macedonia.

Wild fennel culinary uses: an overview, preliminary documantation and analytical perspectives. Angers, Francia

Un contributo al dibattito: “Sovranità alimentare e culture del cibo. La coltivazione del cacao tra sostenibilità e globalizzazione. Street food festival – Cesena, Italia

Street foods basic definitions and facts. Street food seminar, Cesena. Italia

Gli alimenti tradizionali dell’area del mar Nero. Festival del cibo di strada, Cesena, Italia

Il genere Allium: proprietà ed usi in cucina, e non solo. Festa di S. Giovanni, Cesena, Italia

Programmed courses, seminars and other activities

Visit this section every now and then, to see what is planned !

Hiking course, 2016

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