Basic hiking course

I am studyiing the possibility of organising  basic hiking courses from  autumn 2016 to spering 2017.

The organisation must however be careful, to guarantee sUccess and satisfaction; in particular, I am seeking for active intEraction with local operators; so, be patient.


  • if you want to express your interest, contact me, send me your contacts and ask whatever you need to know
  • if you want to know the program, have a look at the section “courses on demand“, where you can find it

Finally, if you are touristic operators (an accommodation structure, a tour operator), a private association, or simply an organised and interested group of  10-15 people, and have interest to offer a hiking course to your customers or associates, we can study together how to norganise it.

In the area of Romagna, it can be in “standard” format (classrooms during the week and excursions and final exam in the week ends); elsewhere, in “week end” format (with classrooms, excursions and final exam concentrated in 2-3 week-ends) or, if possible, “residential” (intesive course concentrated in 4-5 days).

Courses can be given in English