Ligurian Apennine: map

NOTES for navigation.
  • clicking on pointers a name of a place will appear; browse and choose the one you want
  • if you use the “satellite” mode (this is the default mode), select the “etichette” option; if you use the “map” mode, select “rilievo”
  • you may enlarge or restrict the map below
  • you may follow the way I describe in the text and start to imagine the places
  • you may also click the names linked in the text; the map centred on this point will open in a new sheet of your browser: you will not see all the pointers, however
  • unluckily, also this amazing instrument has its minor lacks: I am introducing updates in Google maps, but this requires quite a time; for the time being, be patient and tolerate what is still missing or is not precise
  • PLEASE NOTE: these are not itinerary descriptions; only an overview of the area for a getting to know and start of exploration

Key words

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