Entry level Nordic walking course La Spezia

– available on booking of groups, operators, organisations

Nordic walking entry level course La Spezia; to approach this discipline, in your city. To know more, also see the general Nordic walking page. The course can be booked by self organised private groups or any kind of operators.

The course takes place in La Spezia, in the public spaces of sport centre “Alessandro Montagna”. See the details here below, for organisation and booking

Entry level Nordic walking course private groups

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Program and organisation

An introduction and a look at your way of walking. Getting to know the Nordic walking poles. The materials, foot rolling and the movement of arms. Basic techniques: alternate and parallel gaits, practice and exercises. Principles of advanced techniques, uphill and downhill walking. How to continue after the course.

Duration: the course in general lasts 5-6 hours, depending on the number and attitudes of participants.

Possible arrangements

Different organisational options can be offered, in relation to specific agreements. The days of football matches at the nearby stadium are excluded. Just some examples:

  1. Intensive formula: A whole day, from about 9 to 12 and 14.30-17.30. It is a possible formula, effective but rather demanding; it is likely more suitable for people already having some habitude to motion activities and for homogeneous groups: it is in fact relatively little flexible with times, especially during winter.
  2. Formula with two appointments, during weekend. Two sessions, of about 3 hours each, Saturday and Sunday, with times to be agreed.
  3. Formula three appointments, during working days. Three sessions of two hours, carried out late afternoon, during working days, in compatibility with the opening times of the centre. The course is concluded maxium within two weeks, with appointments to be agreed with the group.

What is necessary


Comfortatble clothes (no jeans or tight trousers), suitable to the season, in layers, since rather static moments will alternate with very dynamic ones . Shoes with flexible but sculptured sole (semi-rigid hiking shoes are not suitable).


I will borrow the poles for the course. The hand lace will be sanitysed: each participants will keep his poles and lace throughout the course. In any case, if somebody prefers to wear gloves, please choose very thing sport gloves, since thick gloves will be an obstacle to hand movement


– for private groups: contact me, to agree the organisation; it is necessary to have a contact person for the whole group.
– for operators: booking modalities fro participants are flexible and will be defined by specific agreements between me and the operator.
Indicatively, the course should be booked three weeks in advance. Shorter term booking are possible in absence of other commitments.


Contact me for detail of costs, that vary in relation to number of participants.
Indicatively, consider a minimum cost of 150 Euros for a standard course, and a minimum cost per person of 50 Euros.
For efficacy reasons, the maximum number of participants is 10 (no minimum number, given the above mentioned costs). In case of requests for higher numbers, it will be possible to program additional courses, or involved a second instructor.

The cost includes an additional session, which place and timing will be agreed, to introduce uphill and downhill progression.

– for private groups: payment is in advance, at the moment of booking confirmation, for the whole group.
– for operators: payment modality to be defined by specific agreements

In case of delay for external reasons (e.g. bad weather) another date will be agreed.


A certificate of attendance will be released to participants successfully completing the course: the course is in fact also a pre-requisite for whom have interest and, after adequate practice, would like to attend an instructor course with SINW (Scuola Italiana di Nordic walking).

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