This page contains detailed information about the way services are offered. To see the proposed activities, follow this link


I offer services of escorted hiking and consulting for travel and hike design, tourism, environment and local food and culture, within the activities and strategies described in this web site. See the following links for details about the specific services.

For privates

Sevices offered to private individuals, groups and associations

For touristic entreprises

Sevices offered to accommodation structures, travel agencies, tour operators

Dear operators, you are the columns of tourism. From my side, I try to offer you professional services. Help me doing that: we can discuss the conditions and services that I can offer but, please, do not ask  consultancy for free!

 For public administrations

Services offered to civic administrations, their technical branches and to educational and training organisations



As specified in the “Who I am” section, I am a researcher. For research projects about food plants, traditional foods, in dependence on the request, I can personally operate or in convention with my structure; contact me anyway.

Key words

Hiking, itinerary design, travel design, hiking and environmental guide, mountains, travels, places, plants, traditional foods, local knowledge, landscape, land use, agriculture, natural resources, photography, Apennine, geography