The più di 1000 trade mark

The più di 1000 trade mark is an internationally registered mark, property of  Filippo D’Antuono.

It is aimed at characterising activities, in the promotion of sustainable tourism, in accordance to what explained in this web site.

Whoever could be interested in collaborations or in the possible conditions for the use of the mark, should contact me.


più di 1000 trade mark

più di 1000 trade mark

più di 1000

Entreprise trade mark
registration Italian  Ministry for Economic Development (MISE) n. 001603424
Classes 39, 41, 43

International registration WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation):
Registration :  2014/51 Gaz, 01.01.2015, AL, AM, AU, AZ, BA, BY, CH, CN, EM, GE, IL, IN, IS, JP, KR, KZ, MC, MD, ME, MK, NO, NZ, RS, RU, SM, TR, UA, US