This is an introductory and orientation page to più di 1000 topics: link into the individual topics, where you will also find the way to the new posts that is my intention to start adding and updating as frequently as possible.

This section is aimed at talking about places, people, environments, plants, foods that could then be the subject of knowledge, and generate your interest. This section could give inspiration for visits and projects, advices and may also help you in finding the services of your possible interest.

Writing  this part is a virtually endless job. So, be patient and, meanwhile, do not be shy to ask. I will happily answer, to the best of my possibilities.

In this section you find:

mount zatta, moutn ramaceto, spring hike

hiking on a clear spring day, mount zatta, with view on mount ramaceto


Personal re-arrangememts, notes, additions to what is already known about how, when and where to go hiking.





barca apuane bocca di magra

the river marga mouth and the apuanian alps, in the background


Rediscovering geography: a travelling, walking, observing experience to get inside places and catch the beauty of them all





più di 1000, traditional foods, armenia

a traditional food table of bread and cheeses, fantan, armenia


Ideas and facts about traditional foods in their original contexts and in nowadays societies, with some ethnic-fusion notes





più di 1000, arisarum vulgare

arisarum vulgare, the plant with tongue stuck out


Wild and cultivated plants: uses and whatever else. Some are edible, others not; but wherever they are, there is a reason





più di 1000, chicken, photo camera

seeking for inspiration for good photographs


Personal re-arrangememts, notes, additions to what is already well known about what and how to photograph when hiking




più di 1000, cinque terre, terraces, volastra

cinque terre terraces, volastra; perhaps one among the most photographed landscapes in italy

Landscape and resources

The details that you may miss: landscape and resurce use aspects that you may see but not note when wandering around






più di 1000 logo

più di 1000 logo

Opinions and facts

Ideas and personal opinions more or less connected to più di 1000 topics, and  inspired by watching around





and whatever else will be inspired by walks, thoughts and the incoming requests.