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  • Hiking and environmental guide

marchio lagap 2016Associated LAGAP

Libera Associazione Guide Ambientali-escursionistiche  Professioniste

(Free association of professional environmental and hiking guides)

  • Basic hiking and cartography trainer
  • Nordic Walking trainer

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Scuola Italiana di Nordic Walking – SINW

(Italian Nordic Walking School)


  • Fit walking trainer


Scuola Italiana di Camminata Sportiva

(Italian Fit Walking School)


  • Professional tour leader


And also…

  • University of Bologna professor and researcher
  • Expert of plants, environment, landscape, traditional foods
  • Member of  CAST (Centro di Studi Avanzati sul Turismo, Università di Bologna – Centre of Advanced Studies on Tourism, University of Bologna)


filippo d'antuono, più di 1000

filippo at the open air museum, uzhhorod, ukraine


I am Filippo D’Antuono. I was born in Bologna, Italy, already quite some time ago. I am living in Cesena.
I  have a private life, but will not bother you with this.
Some other information is in the The story page. About the what I do in this site in this site, have a look also at Topics and Services.
Let’s say that I presently have two professional  identities, for a choice, may be for a necessity, that I will try to merge in only one.



filippo d'antuono, più di mille, mount falterona

filippo at the colla di castagno pass, falterona mount group, italy

My second identity

In relation to this site, I am  a consultant for hiking, travel and some other things that you find here, and an environmental and hiking guide. Well before, I’ve been a hiker since ever; I am an amateur of plants, environment, foods, photography, travels, traditions, people, a bit of geopolitics, for as much I can understand. I still have a camper van. To be an “explorer” and a reporter was my infancy thought. But then…


filippo d'antuono, più di 1000, istanbul

filippo’s first life, at a project’s meeting, istanbul, turkey

My first identity

… what happened was slightly different. I became an agronomist,  a researcher and then an University professor.   I still am, with a part time employment option, making this new activity compatible with my official duties. I carry out research on food plants, that also represent the subject of my teaching.



filippo d'antuono, più di 1000, donkey

filippo and a donkey, poppi, italy

A synthesis

I am here to follow an idea and offer services, in connection to this idea.
I think that any supposedly ethic idea and assumption of doing right things should be verified on the basis on how well it works. I am investing some energy, time and money and now I’m here for this test.
If it will work, it will mean that I succeeded making somebody happy, and this will make myself happier, as well.

See you soon !          


My Apennine hiking itinrraries guidebooks


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