Coaching service: introductory session

The introductory session is aimed at getting to know each other; for you, as clients, it is also the first step to decide to start a coaching experience or not.

It is therefore an important moment, in which the goals of a coaching experience will be objectively illustrated. You can put your needs and expectation on the table and receive a feedback about the possibilities that coaching may offer you and if coaching is suitable to your specific problems.

At the end, you will be able to decide to commit yourself in this experience. Also see the coaching page, for further information.

coaching service: introductory session

Program and organisation

This meeting session will last about one hour.

We will start with a short session aimed at highlighting, just from the very beginning, the importance of presence.

The following point will be then discussed:

  • how does the coaching relation work
  • its basic traits: active listening, constructive questions, positive feedback
  • equality of role and co-responsibility
  • differences between coaching and other kind of personal help: counselling, motivation, therapies
  • coaching ethics
  • coaching contract

At the end, the elements to decide whether continue with a coaching program and sing a coaching agreement should be acquired.

How and where

Available services

  • Individual coaching
  • Options for group coaching will be available at a later stage


  • Remotely, using platforms to be established
  • At you own seat
  • In a different context (e.g. outdoors)

Due to an ongoing change of my living place, appointment at my own seat are not currently available.


  • For remote sessions, or for in presence sessions in the range of 40 km distance from La Spezia, the symbolic cost is 20 Euros.
  • For more distant places, the cost will be agreed upon your contact.

Why not for free ? Basically, since this can be the start of a professional relationship, so, to discourage pure curiosity.

The cost of the introductory session will be however waived from the costs of the coaching service, in case of choice.

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