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Marine glaciers

Marine glaciers Marine glaciers: glacier valleys overlookig the sea April 2, 2021 The glacier valleys of the Apennine maritime side , still with some snow, on the background of the La Spezia harbour. Now that almost all the snow on the maritime side is

Mounts Verruga and Porcile

Mounts Verruga and Porcile Mounts Verruga and  Porcile make a short ridge on the divide between the Graveglia and Vara valleys. The two mountains have unmistakable shapes, from wherever we see them,  and generate and evocative and characteristic environment, of rocks of many colours, pastures, open vegetation and

Volcanic experiences

Volcanic experiences Volcanic experiences: the theme of this group of itineraries is hiking on volcanic rock mountains. These are not the kind of rocks that you find around still active or recent volcanoes, but rather rocks generated by primeval volcanoes, and came to us after drastic transformation, and