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Welcome, I am Filippo

Più di 1000 is my web site, about services of hiking, itinerary design and related activities: free time, geography, environment, places, plants, travels, food, photos, opinions and much more

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This site contains however many things: to fully exploit its potential, I suggest to read here below and devote a bit of your time to navigate the site, from the top menu or the list of topics at the bottom of this page

What is  più di 1000

Più di 1000 is my project and my professional service site: design of hiking itineraries, tourism, and hiking guide.
And consultancy about all topics of my competence, that you find here.
Più di 1000 is aimed at connecting  me with you, my potential “customers

To whom is  più di 1000 addressed and what is my offer

To hikers: individuals, groups, associations. I can escort you, if you wish, or assist, advise, orient you to build your itineraries.

For  touristic operators: accommodation structures, travel agencies, tour operators. If you want to offer to your customers something tailor-made, connected to hiking or other topics that you find here. Also short residential courses and seminars. Or, if you simply want to search and promote some highlights of your own area.

To public and private organisations: for studies, courses, programs, and why not, escorting.


Più di 1000 is born in the Apennines, between the  Liguria and Marche regions, and there feels at home. But it has definitely no borders. See however the places.

What is in the background

Pay attention, it may happen that you will be disappointed for not finding here a lot of shouting advertisement….  That’s my way !

But più di 1000  contains plenty of information, on the increase. And you will have to be patient to read.

Why this all

  • I have the idea to make my potentail customers happy
  • I do not believe that keeping secrets is a good strategy. More things you know, the easiest you will be interested in what I could offer
  • I  may help you to realise your project, where to go and what to do
  • So, my preference is to assist you (see then which are the ways) to create your itinerary and program
  • A tailor-made service, all for you,  where I advise, assist, accompany, if you want, but without deciding anything for you
  • So, contact me, to talk a bit

Più di 1000 would like to be a sustainable idea. For me, who generated it, and for people who will support it.
A kind of alliance, strong and independent, between all who try to preserve and imagine activities in areas somewhat forgotten in space and seasons.
So, a lasting project, self supporting, for how it will be appreciated.

Which  aim is to make you happy, getting into places, and feeling part of them. So I will be happy, as well.

Me and the story

Who I amShort personal storyRecent storyThe ideaEthics of più di 1000

Hiking and other activities on demand or planned


Itineraries: designGuided hikesSeminars and courses –  The più di 1000 trade mark


Ligurian ApennineApuanian Alps  – The Apennine of Emilia and TuscanyThe Apennine of Tuscany, Romagna and  MontefeltroThe Apennine of Umbria and Marche north

Other topics

HikingPhotography – Traditional foods – Plants –  Landscape and resources – Opinions






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