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A program to walk: let’ start with nordic walking

Nordic walking is the walk by means of dedicated poles. You can practice it at different levels of intensity, but will realise of how many muscles you ignored the existence. It is anyway an acitvity requiring a technique: why do not learn it in this occasion?

On request, we start with nordic walking a comprehensive walking training program that will be developed starting from next September and will include: an introduction to walking, fit walking, nordic walking, presence and mindful walking, techniques to walk on rough grounds and other.

Stay informed. The program will be organised in modules: if you participate at the nordic walking course, it will be discounted

Program of the nordic walking course

Friday, August 6, 17.30 – 20, campo Montagna, Viale Nicolò Fieschi 19123, La Spezia

Sunday, Augost 8, 9-12; the place will be communicated, in relation to the advancement of the first day

Introduction: materials, foot rolling, arm movement; basic techniques; parallel and alternate  gaits. Elements of advanced techniques, uphill and downhill progression.

The course is the essential to start practice nordic walking; I will also give you informations about how to continue.

Ad the end of the course I will give you a certificate of attendance: the course is infact a pre-requisite to attend the first level trainer course of SINW (Scuola Italiana di Nordic Walking), for interested people, after adequate practice.

What to bring. Comfortatble clothes (no jeans or tight trousers), suitable to the season. Shoes with flexible but sculptured sole (semi-rigid hiking shoes are not suitable). Hat, water, mosquito repellant.

Poles will be provided. The laces are deterged and sanified: however, if you prefer, you can wear very light sport gloves. Bring a face mask, in case of close-distance interaction.

Cost per person: Euro 60. The course will take place with minimum of 3 participants, max. 12.

Registration within August 4,  esclusively by email, at: info@piudimille.com

For info, also 333 3404542. In case of bad weather the program will be re-scheduled

Nordic walking La Spezia August 2021