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The second seasonal forest bathing appointment in the Appennino tosco-emiliano National Park


Hut Pratizzano will be our meeting point and base for this experience. It is an accessible and quiet place, placed at the margin of a grassy plateau, surrounded by fir and pine plantations and natural beech forests. We will develop our activities in these environments, also in relation to the conditions of the moments and the necessary seek for intimacy. We will therefore displace a bit away from the hut, but anyway for shirt distance and on an itinerary trail suitable for all.

Meeting. At hut Pratizzano, 3.30 p.m., Saturday, August 27, 2022

What to bring. Practical and informal clothes, adequate to temperature and weather conditions. The activity will be rather static, so stay warm. Small backpack or bag, with your personal belongings; avoid bulky things, that may be an obstacle. You can bring a small mat or pillow to sit on the ground, but not bug mats, that can be uncomfortable to hold. Insect repellant. We may enter inside a true forest, although not far from the main trail. So the contact with plants will be possible and, for the ones who will go deeper inside the forest, it will be possible to encounter rough terrain, fallen branches and steeper and slippery stretches.

For a more complete stay. All of us have lot of commitments and this specific period also leave us with lot of doubts. The places where we will go are however waiting for you and would be glad to embrace you also beyond this experience, to establish a lasting alliance. So, within your availability, try not to be hurried, and stay longer, maybe to eat sleep or rest, in some of the friend structures of this experience, listed at the bottom of this post.

Registration, payments and additional information

  • Registration To book the activity, send an e-mail message at: info@piudimille.com, or using the contact form, in the “contacts” page.

The booking will be accepted only when:

  • the confirmation mail has been received, containing: name, family name, mobile number. This will serve for fast contacts in case of variations in the program. The supplied telephone numbers will not be used for any different reasons from what connected to this event, unless differently agreed.
  • the registration fees have been paid. For this, after your first contact, I will send you by e- mail or whatsapp:

a) the Pay Pal link and a pro-forma invoice (you do not neeed a personal Pay Pal account and can pay by credit card, or,

b) if you prefer: my bank account reference, to pay by bank transfer (please, be sure to charge possible transfer fees to yourself)

The payment will be considered as done at the reception of your proof of payment. To avoid any inconveniences, please see deadlines for confirmation and payment in the single events. Respecting deadlines will result in maximum comfort for all participants. Deadline for confirmation and payment is Wednesday, August 24, 5 p.m. So, contact me with adequate advance.

  • Price. the cost, at special rate, and according to the above specified anticipated way of payment, is 18 Euros per person. Cumulative payments for more than one person are accepted, provided that in the confirmation mail, the name, family name and telephone contact of each participant are indicated. In case of family members, only one contact is necessary, besides names: the responsibility of communicating any information related to the event will be of the one in charge of the booking.
  • Minimum participant number. The event will take place with a minimum of 6 participants with a paid registration within the term indicated. The payment is therefore also a way to guarantee that the event will take place.
  • When the number of 6paying participants is reached, the event will be confirmed. In case the minimum number is not reached within Wednesday, August 24, 5 p.m, people who already paid the registration fee, can use it for a forthcoming programmed event. In case a refunding is requested, an administration commission of 1 Euro 1 will be applied, so the refund will be of 17 Euros, with the modalities to be agreed.
  • Waivers. In case of a renunciation with an already paid booking: a) within the deadline for registration: the conditions at the preceding point hold, so with the possibility of using the paid fee for forthcoming events or refunding, minus a commission; b) beyond the deadline for registration: no refund is due.
  • Discounts. For bookings collectively done for a minimum of 6 people, correctly done, so including names, family names and telephone contacts of each participant, and proof of payment, within Wednesday, August 24, 5 p.m,, a discount of 2 Euros per person will be applied. Discounted fees will not be refunded and their possible use for forthcoming events will be possible only as a package. Please note: for bills exceeding 77.47 Euros, an administrative tax of 2 Euros must be added.
  • Last minute participants. Other possible interested people who did not pay the registration fee in advance, according to the specified deadline, can attend the event, with a participation fee of 25 Euros, that can be paid in cash before the start of the activity. These participants however must contact me, are will not contribute to reach the minimum number of 6 participants, necessary for the confirmation of the event.
  •  Maximum participant number. For the optimum development of the activities, the maximum number of participants is 12. In case of a request exceeding this number, further dates can be fixed
  • Possible cancellation / delay. Besides the case that the minimum number of participants is not reached, the activity can also be cancelled or delayed because of:  adverse weather conditions, accessibility of places and any other reasons that could affect the optimal development of the activity, or the comfort or safety of participants. In these cases, participants who have already paid the registration fee, can use it for the next programmed or agreed occasion.

For further information, write at info@piudimille.com, or use the contact form  that you find in “contacts“, including, if you wish, your mobile number.

The activity will take place in compliance with the public health indications in force at the moment.

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Friend structures (1)

Rifugio Pratizzano
Campeggio Alta Val d’Enza
I Giardini dell’acqua

(1) Friend structures are the ones that stated an interest in these initiatives and accepted to co-promote them. The term “friend structure” is therefore not connected to any possible rating of services by myself, not even in comparative terms with other structures.

Forest bathing at Pratizzano