Marine glaciers

Marine glaciers: glacier valleys overlookig the sea

April 2, 2021

The glacier valleys of the Apennine maritime side , still with some snow, on the background of the La Spezia harbour.

Now that almost all the snow on the maritime side is melted, it is easier to notice where it remained longer.  And is not a case that these are two glacial valleys. The places where small glaciers laid, time ago.

Yes, some glacier valleys are also on the maritime side of these mountains, smaller, with respect to the ones on the inland side. Sometimes also less visible, even since olives groves lay at the mountain foot, so who thinks about glaciers.

But these valleys are very beautiful, often very remote, as well.  It can be worth to make an effort to reach them. An interesting idea, as soon as it will be possible to go again, what do you think ?

Glacier circles on the maritime side of the Apennine ridge, on the background of the La Spezia harbour