Rock engravings, erosion or what else

Trekking poles: improper uses

August 8, 2019

Here the engravings of trekking poles

The poles slipped into the backpack, with tips upwards: is is almost a fashion, but very dangerous

Traces of hikers’ walking poles. Look, all these engravings on the stones; that means zero propulsion and almost zero holding, as well. And so ?
Indeed, holding walking poles in hands to make such a use is almost without scope.
Besides this, I have also seen people going downhill  completely leaning on poles, bending  forward: this is the best way to lose balance, since we must walk on our legs, not on our harms.
As a matter of fact, in several folders advertising organised hikes, you can read “walking poles”, among the necessary gear. Well are they really required ?

In reality, walking poles can be useful, also very useful. But, for as strange this can sound, a basic knowledge of how to properly use them could be required; and it is possible to learn.   

Then, you can see even other things about poles, possibly even worse. Like the pole tips pointing upwards. In this case, definitely better to leave them home.

Improper use of walking poles. Filippo D’Antuono. All rights reserved.

Here another example

And here another example of this nasty fashion