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“Activities” is the entry page to some instruments that you may use for nature reconnection; This is indeed the real goal, to be freely pursued, but fundamental also in the acquiring of specific techniques and knowledge.

Pages “Activities” and “Nature and resources” are sister sections. However, “Activities” mainly deals with the instruments that could better serve to approach nature by means of a re-appropriation of our body and senses. “Nature and resources” contains instead topics more addressed at knowledge approach of the natural world, its internal relations and its relations with us.

The two pages are organised in the same way. Infact, they contain specific topics and, within each of them, the sections: “Introduction”, “Programs”, “events”, “Articles”.

Introduction: gives an overview of the specific topic, at various detail level, always containing, however, a personal approach.
Programs: are the ideas for activities that already organised groups may be willing to require, or the base for completely tailor-made programs, for either singles or groups. “programs” represent the core of the offers of this site.
Events: are the pre-organised activities or other events, with open participation. At the moment you will not find a lot, but their number can raise.
Articles: are all the articles written about the topics of each section. If you have time, read them: after all, they are an excellent way to know the spirit of this site, and also to help making your choices.

Activities to know ourselves

and relate to nature

Activities: the sections

The main goal of più di 1000, and of the proposed topics, is the establishment of a solid relation between us and the world around us.
None of the activities is therefore disconnected to this goal, but each one can give a contribution, according to personal preferences. Here a synthesis.

Hiking: it is the cornerstone of più di 1000. It is the essence of walking, as the best way to approach nature. Guided walks, or courses and other kind of events.
Nordic walking and Speed walking are sport disciplines of which entry level course are offered. Consider them as instruments to re-calibrate your body to move into the environment.
Forest bathing is a potent instrument to recover a direct and sensorial contact with nature. I offer single walks and more articulated programs.
E-bike. This is a technical instrument and I was initially uncertain if including it here as an independent item. It can be however a useful instrument, depending on the use we make of it. Introduction to its use and possible guided rides.
Coaching and mindfulness: I put these tow things together, for the tight relation I see between them. Mindfulness is indeed the premise to make independent and aware choices and to relate with reciprocity also to the natural world.
Finally, photography. Also in this case, we have a technical instrument in our hands, that may overtake us. But it is also an excellent excuse to slow down and observe well what is around us.

A final note:  this site is under constant evolution. It was put on line when still largely incomplete. What is not still here, could simply be waiting to be written, but it likely already exists. So, do not miss to contact me without any problems.

Each of us using own favourite instruments

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