A talk with a shepherd dog, in Armenia

A talk with a shepherd dog, in Armenia

July 2010

This is the story of an encounter with a shepherd dog in the remote Sevaberd village, in the Geghama mountains, Armenia.

The Caucasian shepherd dogs have a reputation of being fiery and aggressive. That one, to be sincere, looked similar to our Maremmano breed. It welcomed be with a indefinable espression,  very difficult to undestand, if it was unreliable or what else.  But all the story evolved in a very unpredictable way. It may be that shepherd dogs of these places are not acquainted to be treated gently, so he was susrprised ?

As a matter of fact, a comminication between us was established, that inspired me this story.

A talk with a shepherd dog  in Armenia. Filippo D’Antuono. piudimille.com. Alle rights reserved.

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