A talk between mushrooms

A talk between mushrooms

July 15, 20142014

A talk between mushrooms:  a summer 2014 story

Mount Molinatico is well known among mushroom pickers in the Borgotaro area. And also to hikers, that must be very careful to well communicate to locals that they are there to walk, and not to seek for mushrooms. Indeed, it is enough to have the appropriate weather conditions and mushrooms do not lack. It is a kind of open encyclopedia, where it is possible to see plenty of different species. In July 2014 I was hiking during a rainy period, even too much to be summer;  but mushrooms were happy, were a lot and available to talk. And I was there and listened.   

A talk between mushrooms. Filippo D’Antuono. piudimille.com. All rights reserved.

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