Talk with a rock partridge

Hi welcome, I am a rock partridge

October 17, 2017

She is a rock partridge, so a gallinaceous bird.
However, she immediately understood that I was a friend. So, she accompanied me, I would say leaded me, one step forward, along a stretch of the ridge. She stopped every now and then and told me: “Come, come to see what is after”. I has already been there and knew what was after. Nonetheless, I played the game and followed her.
Yes, these things can happen, when the archaic trails crossing the high Lunigiana slopes become too problematic and difficult to find. At this point, two choices: to be back along the same way, or look upward, ascend a gully to the ridge, to bypass the nasty stretch.
A bit of fatigue, but it had no price, in such a day, with a rock partridge waiting for me.   

A rock partridge encounter. Filippo D’Antuono. All rights reserved.

Here she is, waiting for me along the trail

She starts guiding me, to show me something

That is what she wanted to show: lakes Sillara, on the other side of the ridge