A warning ?

The importance of staying tuned

December 6, 2019

Maybe the skull in the picture was a warning ? Maybe not, but read the following.
We often read of mountain accidents, or simply injuries during hiking. And, each time, these news are followed by a sequence of comments, convictions, absolutions, judgments of inexperience, imprudence any many other things. Some of these opinions may also be true, something also justified, but generally are quite nasty, especially when following facts ended with serious injuries.

My story of yesterday    

I was walking along a path that I did tens of times; I do as a kind of workout. In the point where it ascends right, this time, I do not why, I went straight. I suddenly get into a stretch full of fallen trees but, instead of turning back, I thought: “see, how many trees felt with last rains” and went further on through this mess.  Then I came back to myself, thinking: “where is gone my brain?”. Finally I turned back, not without a bit of trouble and some moderate risk, among slippery fallen trees, sliding edges and spines.
As a whole, it has been instructive to confirm, once more, that each event that could happen should be taken as an occasion to reflect: this is much more important that judging. And this also reminded the capital importance if staying tuned.

The situation of trails

An additional short note about this topic. Is has been enough to go few steps away from the main path to get into an unaffordable area of fallen trees and crumbled stone walls.  An area of former terraces, then planted with forest trees; later, when the economic and social situations changed, what should have been a starting point was left to its destiny. Nobody does any maintenance anymore, nobody even picks the fallen wood. These are really critical situations.


In the afternoon I attended  a village celebration, recently become, very popular. There were: two majors, the bishop, two members of parliament, a regional administrator,  authorities of the National Park. An array of rescue crew members, all in their uniforms and with service cars, almost outnumbering the public. Volunteers of different kind equipped as to climb mount Everest. All of them with rather performing attitude. So, as a whole, this looked like a nice and  showy parade.
Maybe, some more balance and a bit more resources devoted to the substance would be welcome.

A warning to stay tuned? Filippo D’Antuono. piudimille.com. All rights reserved

Here what could be interpreted as a sign of warning

A first image of fallen trees

A second image