An ivy sensory experience

Memories through the sense of touch

May 2, 2020

There is no doubt, that this has been a perfect period to slow down, and give the deserved consideration to otherwise neglected places.
Among which I out a kind spring heaven not far from my house, in Cesena, often visited but almost never considered. It is also an ivy realm. And now, time is available and mood is calling to slow down and stay. Ivies there are climbing to the top of trees, with shoots so thick to support the decaying tree itself. But ivy trunks still keep the remains of the aerial roots. 
After looking around for a while, the conversation started from a sensorial contact with these roots. A shaggy feeling, coating the hard and tough woody climbing shoots.

The sensory contact with ivy trunks, along river Savio

I stayed long enough to start an imaginal trip, inspired by this peculiar hand-feeling, through similar sensorial perceptions given however by well different beings, in different times and places.

Ivy sensorial experience. Filippo D’Antuono. All rights reserved

The dried winter grass, on the slope of mount Matto, in a site called Pianelle di Lola

My sister’s dog, many years ago, in Bologna; her name was Lola; maybe a coincidence ?

A bovine of Highland breed, met however in Busana