Artichoke sprouts and mild winter

“Carducci” a seasonal resource

March 25, 2020

It is reported that this winter has been among the mildest since long time; for sure, since I have a memory.
Artichoke plants were well and continue vegetating throughout the winter. They produce sprouts from the basal crown, called “carducci”. generally they are removed, to leave only some sprouts, that will produce the edible artichoke. Here in Cesena, but somewhere else, as well, the carducci are also called “cacetti” or “artichoke cleanings” and are in part harvested and sold in local markets.
They are a typically seasonal product, generally available in November-December. They are excellent.
This year artichoke plant did not rest, continuing sprouting. In the picture you see an artichoke plantation with the sprouts removed some days before. I still found the carducci at the market, until few days ago, before the market was shut because of the lockdown.
But now, after such an unusually long availability, we will see artichoke sprout again next autumn.    

Carducci: artichoke sprouts Filippo D’Antuono. All rights reserved

Carducci wrapped in plastic

Bunches of carducci at the market of Cesena

An artichoke plantation, with sprouts just removed