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Another forst bathing experience in Framura, this time in the morning, to have new conditions and experiences

We start from Giardino degli Angeli, at 4.30 pm, where you can find facilities

We start our session just inside the garden and olive grove, with our welcome and first invitations, that will bring us into the natural dimension.

We will then ascend along a trail towards a chestnut wood, along a steeper stretch, and continue along the track with some other invitations and sharing sessions. As usually, our session will end with a tea ceremony, with the preparation of an infusion of wild herbs or herbs from the garden.

The duration of our session will be about 3 hours, also depending on participants and their motivations.

What to bring

It will be a two way itinerary of about 2 km length and 150 m gradient. It is mainly shaded, but a hat can be useful. Wear long trousers, to sit comfortably on the ground, and shoes with sculptured sole. Bring a small backpack with your personal things and some water.