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An evening to speak about the Apennine, with the mediation of the author of a series of hiking itinerary books, between Liguria and Romagna, and what is between. Technical and accurate books, but also a trip, started with the fantasy and continued following a goal that is constantly evolving. So an endless trip.

We see the time passing by and the changing space around and within us, so going back to places almost never means to see the same things again.  In bad and good senses. Going back means a better understanding of places, and realising of having negected some details. It also means to be curious and aware that we do not come first, so to know other peoples’ experiences. It means to not consider ourselves as explorers, but as guests.

It could mean to get in confidence with places, and wanting to stay a while, instead of running all the time. It can also happen to fall in love with all places, and realise of the net connecting all them, beyond the different visibility given by official communication channels.