Groppi Rossi: volcanic stones, pastures, forests, for a nature immersion

The Groppi Rossi is a beautiful volcanic rock mountain, raising in a interesting area of meadows and forests, somewhat isolated and less beaten, although easily reachable. At the base of the Groppi lay the clearings of Capanne and tiny lake Bozzo, two other interesting places, which visit can be coupled to the one to Goppi, in an itinerary still very affordable, and still very adaptable to different needs and preferences.

We can reach the Groppi by different itineraries. A simple two ways hike from pass Silara is a short and interesting excursion, to which is possible to attach the descent o Capanne and lake Bozzo, and the crossing of the whole top ridge of the Groppi. It is also possible to ascend from the Baganza valley, or just start walking from Berceto, adding substantial length and gradient. The area is also well suitable to Forest bathing activity: within the shorter itineraries it is therefore also possible to devote time to an immersion session.   

Groppi Rossi

Meeting point:  Berceto, from where we will reach our starting point according to the chosen itinerary. Own transportation is necessary.

Duration: 3-7 hours of hiking, depending on pace, the chosen activities and itinerary. In case of choice including a Forest bathing session, or for the longer itineraries, a packed lunch is necessary,  

Effort: from low to medium, depending on the chosen itinerary

Difficulties: basically easy; a steep stretch and some slightly exposed parts for itinerary including the whole Groppi Rossi top ridge.

Period: ideal from mid spring to mid autumn.

Additional info
The  itinerary and the activities to be done will be decided during the contacts, preliminary to booking. The Forest bathing session is optional; however the choice must be done for the whole group, and is accounted for separately.

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