Hard rime, , looks like frozen dew but is different

Hard rime, looking like frozen dew, but is different

December 21, 2016

Calabrosa, (hard rime) is atrange word, in Italian. It si the thing of the photo. generally, you see thing thing stuck to the crosses on  mountain tops.  But there it may be confused also with snow.
It has been days of nice meteorolohgical phenomena, without having the time of writing something. So I arrive a bit late.
Friday night clouds were floating around the tops, while the wind was trying to blow them away. You can see weel their lower limit.
But ther was also cold and all the droplets froze around the twigs, in the direction of the wind. And here is hard rime. It was really a lot. Somebody believed there had been a snow.
Later it began to fall on the ground, wher it also could be confused with snow. But why into the forest and not out?? So it was not fozen dew, that instaed falls in the open and not into the forest.

Hard rime. Filippo D’Antuono. All rights reserved

Hard rime coating beeches on Alpe di Catenaia

And here, in  mount Fumaiolo area

A forest track covered with hard rime pieces, fallen from the trees

The pieces, fallen on the ground