A NEW BOOK of hiking itineraries:

High Parma and Lunigiana Apennine

My new book, fresh off printing

March 25, 2021

Hiking itineraries: High Parma and Lunigiana Apennine

My new book of hiking itinereries: Hiking itineraries: Alto Appennino di Parma e Lunigiana is published. So, here we are, after a period of pause, a new adventure is started.

Thanks to Tarka, the printer, beyond any phrase of circumstance: willing to invest in a printed book, is not for granted, in this time of on-line communication. And them, to be sincere, having a book published in a series called “Appenninica” makes me feel comfortable.

To whom is the book addressed ? Primarily, to hikers willing to independently organise their itineraries. The book contains plenty of them, that can be considered as a “guide” bout also as models to build new ones. I however think that the book could also meet the interest  of hiking professionals, who perhaps already know the places, but may found, as already happened, new ideas.

The book is fresh of print and is being distributed. If you are anxious to know where to find it, please contact the printer TARKA.

Finally, I would address a thought f gratitude to friends, Silvio Piorigo and Marco Fazion, with whom my book writing adventure, now continuing with Traka, started some rimes ago, generating six other volumes, that you may see in this site.