Inspection Forest bathing itinerary

– for tourist and wellness operators

– for administrators and managers of organisations

The inspection for Forest bathing itinerary is a service that operators or administrations can ask, to offer this kind of activity. It consist in a visit during which the eligibility of a place to host Forest bathing events is evaluated.
To know more, see the specific Forest bathing page

inspection Forest bathing itinerary

Program and organisation

The inspection is carried out by me, in the area indicated by the committing subject, that can be either internal or outside his properties. In general, the survey is carried out within half a day. The program ends with a simple statement if eligibility or not of the place, and related motivation. It does not include any indication of itineraries, or suggestions for guiding experiences, that can be however defined with separated agreements, in the frame of possible further collaboration.  

Booking and costs

The inspection can be booked in any moment.
In the case it is connected to proposals of further collaboration, and flexibility about the date, the inspection is generally free of charge.
Specific costs will be charged is case of urgent inspection requests.
Requirements of inspections not finalised to further collaboration are generally declined.

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