Monochamus sutor: a visit

Unexpected visits, nature straight home

May 16, 2020

I found itinside my veranda; fur sure it came in passing through the narrow opening of the window, flying from some place away.

I understood that, for sure, it would not have been able to find his way out, so I brought it to my open balcony, forgetting of it for a while.  After some time, it was still there, walking  around, with some attempt of climbing on the wall.

Remembering my  passion for Coleoptera, meanwhile I took the occasion to investigate what it was. Its aspect left few doubts about where to seek: family Cerambicidae, subfamily Lamiinae. A bit with the help of the dichotomous key of my old French manuals, that I bought when I was still a boy, a bit using the several images now available on the net, I got it:  Monochamus sutor.

But it was itself, independently of the name we gave and, after my search, it was still there, on my balcony floor. Meanwhile, I started hanging my clothes to dry and it determinately run to me and started climbing on my shoes, then along trousers and up, up to my shoulder; at this point, to avoid it to walk on my head, I directed it along my arm.

During this itinerary, I realised that it did not mind of science and its name.  It was seeking for something from me and a communication took place. And I started remembering, and understanding. These insect can fly, but are not very nimble.

Well, when it finally reached my hand, that I opened upwards, it started doing a series of movements, like a dance: it felt the air with antennas, opened a bit its wings and turned around. And, watching it, I had the feeling that finally it found what it needed: an elevated place from where prepare its take off. And indeed, suddenly, in the moment it felt to be suitable,  go, and shortly it was out of sight.

It was an intense communication.

Monochamus sutor: a visit. Filippo D’Antuono. All rights reserved

One of the volumes of my French Coloptera manuals, of beginning XX century

Here it is, trying to climb along the wall