Mount Rossola, between Levanto and Bonassola

Mount Rossola is a real volcanic rock balcony, over the sea between Levanto and Bonassola. We can organise this itinerary in different way, upon choice. Let’s start, as an example, from the Bonassola centre or railway station; passing by the castle, we ascend along old pebbled lanes; we then follow a trail that bring us o cross the road where or real scent to mount Rossola starts. The path is steep, but this will be a reason to stop and look back, with views progressively opening over the west coast and the arch of the Alps, when visible. We are already walking on craggy volcanic rocks, or different colours, and between a vegetation of aromatic shrubs. We reach the top ridge of mount Rossola, then the summit, open over the gulf of Levanto and the Ligurian Apennine. We continue along the ridge, to a saddle where we can choose or way down. We can descend to the old village of Lavaggiorosso, then follow a valley with some ancient water mills, to reach the road , that we follow back to Levanto. For different possibilities, see “other”.

Meeting point: Bonassola, or Levanto, according to the agreed program.

Duration: 4-6 hours, depending on the pace and the chosen itinerary. For a relaxed hiking, a packed lunch is necessary.

Effort: medium, with a steep stretch descending /ascending to mount Rossola.

Difficulties: some possibilities of slippery stretches with wet ground; stretches of thin path

Period: year round

Additional info
An alternative way to descend
Descending from mount Rossola,we can follow the trail along its east side, passing through old mining sites, in an open landscape; we directly reach the seaside alley of Levanto
In the opposite direction
Starting from Levanto, the scent is less steep and the descent from mount Rossola is spectacular.
Loop from Levanto
We can start from levant and be back there, passing by Lavaggiorosso during our ascent or descent. In the opposite way, we pass through the road pass of Scernio, then reaching the seafront alley of Levanto.

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