Mounts Verruga and Porcile

Mounts Verruga and  Porcile make a short ridge on the divide between the Graveglia and Vara valleys. The two mountains have unmistakable shapes, from wherever we see them,  and generate and evocative and characteristic environment, of rocks of many colours, pastures, open vegetation and magnificent views.

You find mounts Verruga and  Porcile also in two distinct itineraries. However, we can visit both in an intense hiking days.
This is a proposal for a ring itinerary, starting from Statale, representing perhaps the best synthesis of all the characteristic aspects of these environments. Find two further options in “Additional info”.

We start from the tiny village of the Graveglia valley and follow an old service track to abandoned quarries. We reach the flanks of mount Porcile, with remains of old miners’ buildings, then follow the side of the mountains, to reach the ridge between mounts Verruga and Rocche di Valletti, then steeply ascend to the summit of mount Verruga. We carefully descend and walk along the ample ridge to mount Porcile, with great views over the mountains around and the sea. Descending on the opposite side, we follow an old track, passing through suggestive environments, back to Statale.

Mounts Verruga and Porcile

Meeting point:  the tiny village of Statale, in the Graveglia valley, that we must reach by own transportation.

Duration: 6-8 hours of hiking, depending on pace; packed lunch is necessary.

Effort:  this is a demanding itinerary, for its length, overall gradient and some not trivial stretches.

Difficulties: some very steep and slightly exposed stretches.

Period:  best from spring to autumn.

Additional info
Starting from pass Bocco di Bargone
A similar itinerary can start from pass Bocco di Bargone: it is shorter and with lower gradient, but rather demanding anyway; it is however somewhat less complete and evocative.
Starting from  Colle Valletti
This is also a possibility for saving some length and gradient.

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