Sea sight from the mountains

A winter hike with sight: a review of hiking safety tips

December 31, 2018

In this season, with this weather, the sight of the sea from there above is not rare, but yesterday was special.
Besides, it has also been an instructive day, a good revision of safety issues. In fact, the conditions were apparently perfect but… see those small strips of snow, deeply frozen: finding one that you cannot avoid can be a challenge, also to common sense; without adequate gear, the only solution would be indeed to give up.
Going ahead, the air was pleasantly warm, like an anticipated spring; however, reached mount Casarola ridge, a 60 km/wind greeted me: luckily, the exposed stretch was short, and not too narrow.
In addition, I had some encounters and talks about what good and bad is happening around these mountains. In summary, it has been a good day.

Sea view from the mountains. Filippo D’Antuono. All rights reserved.

Aview of the gulf ofSpezia, ascending to  mount Casarola

Mount Alto and strips of frozen snow

Encounters in the area of river Secchia springs