Standard Forest bathing event

– for private self-organised groups

– for tourist and wellness operators

The standard Forest bathing event is a general representation of what the activities carried out during this practice could be. The specific activities and invitations will depend on the individual sessions. This is the useful picture for groups wanting to experiment this practice or for operators willing to propose this practice to their customers.
Also see the specific Forest bathing page, for further information.

standard Forest bathing event

Program and organisation

The event starts with a welcome to participants and the necessary information about the way the event will be managed , and an introduction to the place. Specific invitations follow, aimed at establishing an intimate sensory connection to the environment by abandoning the ordinary daily routine. A gentle walk through the environment around then follows, during which the guide will propose other specific invitations, depending on the context. Moments of sharing experience will be planned, without any obligation by single participants. The experience generally ends with other activities facilitating the incorporation of the experience just done, and with a final sharing circle.

Duration: the event generally lasts 2-3 hours, depending on the number and attitudes of participants.

 Possible arrangements

The session can be an isolated event or be a part of other composed activities; as examples, a part of a hike, or of a program of nature coaching and mindfulness.

 What is necessary


– For private groups. Contact me to decide the place according to where you are, your travel plans, or to receive suggestions.
– For operators. The activity can be organised in your place or in an area that you could indicate. Also consider the possibility of a preliminary inspection. For orientation, any kind of environment can be appropriate, even if the alternating wooded areas and clearings probably make the ideal setting; the terrain should be preferably not very rough, steep and slippery; at least a part of the itinerary should allow to walk in couples / small groups; clearings with space enough for circles are necessary; the preference is for silent and non-polluted places.


Comfortable clothes, suitable to the season, in layers, to fit to possible changing weather; a water proof jacket or portable umbrella; hat and insect repellant; comfortable walking shoes, unless differently specified. If you want, you can bring a small mat to sit, considering however that it could be an obstacle to movement, so it should not be bulky.  


– for private groups: contact me, to agree the organisation; it is necessary to have a contact person for the whole group.
– for operators: booking options for participants are flexible and will be defined by specific agreements between me and the operator.

Indicatively, the activity should be booked two weeks in advance. Shorter term bookings are possible in absence of other commitments.


Contact me for details of costs, that vary in relation to: a) the structure of the event, if individual or part of a  wider program; b) the place; c) the number of participants. One these basis, expect a cost ranging from 20 to 50 Euros per person.

For efficacy reasons, the advised maximum number of participants is 15.

– for private groups: payment is in advance, at the moment of booking confirmation, for the whole group.
– for operators: payment modality to be defined by specific agreements

In case of delay due to external reasons (e.g. bad weather) another date will be agreed.

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