Summer drought again

Talking of drought again

August 2, 2017

Already since some years, at beginning of September, it is no rare to see such things, and then we talk of summer drought. But at the end of July, it is hard to remember.
A great summer for hikers and touristic places.
Beech trees are however exhausted and cattle, that should live on some dried grass, is exhausted as well; they prefer to stay close to forests, where at least they can still find some tree leaves to eat.
What to say ? Summer can be still long. Hope in some rain, leaving however still clear days to enjoy this wonderful time.

Summer drought again. Filippo D’Antuono. All rights reserved.

Exhausted beech trees at Alpe della Luna, with dried leaves, already at end of July

The grass of pastures is already completely dried

And animals prefer to stay close to the forests