Call of places

Reasons to go (and stay a while)

September 13, 2019

Some of the photographs talk of one of the reasons to go, but there is much more: the magic of immersion into places.
I was wandering through these mountains, surrounded by mushroom pickers, either locals or from outside, with regular daily ticket: 10 Euros per day, not a lot, considering the fact that mushroom were not really lacking. But I was there to hike, so not ticket and no mushroom hunting. I remained three days there around and was feeling almost at home. At the village shop there were no mushrooms on sale, but it has been enough to spread the voice, that they appeared. In addition, I could not stay without giving satisfaction also to a local picker, who had mushroom for sale. In this occasion, I also had the privilege to attend the rite of their preparation for drying.

It has not been however only a matter of mushrooms: the everyday life of the villages, the preparation for the winter: The view of mount Pisanino from the Magliano grocery shop window.
All this for free, only the price of travel and some money happily left to eat in local places, by the way, in a sumptuous manner.
I could not avoid to compare all these authentic things to the somewhat showy exhibitions of some “institutional” organisations: kinds of small white elephants, built then abandoned; a frame seen and repeated through decades and still ongoing.

By the way, I do  not tell how much I paid for mushrooms; maybe, you can discover it by yourself, going there, at next occasion. And return home happy, for having left something to people leaving on their resources, having spent little more than the cost of a daily ticket.

The pore mushrooms, one of the reasons to go, but certainly not the only one

The life of the village, with mount Pisanino in the background

So, go, stay for a while, look around and find the real reasons to go; you will do far better than all the un-useful and costly  propaganda

Calls from places, and the reasons to go. Filippo D’Antuono. All rights reserved.

Preparing for the winter

The mushrooms, ready to be dried

The panoramic view of mount Pisanino, from the Magliano grocery store window