Unusual meteorological events, and luck

Almost an out of season snow: luckily I was sleeping

September 9, 2019

Yes, this morning then I found this, heading to monte Tondo and cima Belfiore. It came during the night, while it was raining and thundering in the place where I was sleeping, inside my camper van. Snow, iced water, hail… for sure something frozen, a fallen with violence. I just thought:   “what about being outside and being struck by something like this”. It never happened to me, maybe because an excess of caution, but happy it didn’t, after all.
As a result, I put again some “safety gear” into my backpack. Once they stayed permanently there, also during summer. But time goes on and the load is now heavier that it used to be; so, this summer I  lightened by backpack.

Hiking: meteorological events and luck. Filippo D’Antuono. piudimille.com. All rights reserved.

Images of the surprise waiting for me, and my “security gear”, that I re-inserted into my backpack