Lesson of caution

A lesson from an experience, as it often happens

August 11, 2019

Up along a somewhat remote and rough neglected path, along the high Lunigana ridges, towards mount La Nuda. The ridge then abruptly raises, turning to be thin. So, I think what I several time thought: in these cases, it must be recommended  to stay in the centre; do not let yourself be tempted by traces on the flanks that, in the best case, will cost additional effort and may also cause some trouble.
No sooner said than done, here I am, walking on a side; two more steps, and I realise that there is something wrong . After taking a couple of deep breaths, I give up; I take again the track on top of the ridge but, what’s done is done. When this kind of jitters has arrived, better to give up; as a consequence, when I was just perhaps few steps from the end of the critical part, I turned back.
But it was very hot, and a long stretch in full sun was waiting for me, after a not i different effort. In conclusion, I believe that the old beech tree to which I asked support did the right thing.

Hiking: a lesson of caution. Filippo D’Antuono. piudimille.com. All rights reserved.

In direction of the critical part

And here to face something unespected, in a remote and solitary place

The old beech tree that inspired the right decision, of giving up, refining my lesson of caution