Autumn fruits and snacks

Snack with seasonal resources

October 21, 2019

A snack with azarole fruits. Time ago, almost all the country houses on the hills near Bologna had an azarole tree in the surroundings; they were called “lazzarini” there. I bought some fruits at the Cesena market, and used them for some days as morning snacks.
Then was the turn of the red Abbondanza apple. the eye also wants its part, but their flavour is unique. Finally, walking along the city alleys and, it is now time of the hackberry fruits. It is difficult to use them as snacks, because of their size, but their sweetish taste is something rather new for most.
The appointment with all these autumn thigs is for next year. They do not last long and so we should not miss the moment. However, along our way, in all seasons, we  can find other authentic and flavourful things. This is seasonality.   

 Autumn fruits and snacks. Filippo D’Antuono. All rights reserved

The azarole tree fruits from the Cesena market

Fruits of red Abbondanza apple

The hackberry tree fruits