Dill. an aromatic herb worth to be tried

If you do not know it, try it: you will be satisfied

September 16,2018

Fresh plants at the  Stara Zagora market, Bulgaria

Fresh plants, wrapped in plastic, Uzhgorod supermarket, Ukraine

Plants harvested in flower Simferopol market, Krim republic

The inspiration for this post came after a visit at the Danubiana market, in Cesena, where I went to buy some dried dill, that was finished. Since it was unusual to have an Italian customer buying this herb, the shop assistant wanted to show me also the dried bunches; additionally,  he told that next Monday fresh dill would have been available. He however recommended to go early, since the product quickly goes out of stock.

Dill is an aromatic plant, very popular in Eastern Europe, where I got to know it, as well in Scandinavian countries. In these places, is used to flavour  many dishes, somewhat like parsley in our cuisine: to season vegetable preserves, especially cucumbers and tomatoes, soups, potatoes, fish etc. It is sold in the local markets, as in supermarkets, as well, in different forms: see some images that I caught in Eastern Europe. Following these experiences, I adopted dill and now I am using it to create some personal recipes, of whoch you can see a couple of images. 
In synthesis, dill aspect is similar to our wild fennel, but its flavour is quite different. In case you want to test yourself with some “fusion” kitchen recipes, just try: you know where to find dill; in Romanian shops, ask for “marar”, is the Russian ones, for “Укроп”, and good appetite.

Dill. Filippo D’Antuono. piudimille.com. All rights reserved.

Dried plants, wrapped in horseradish leaves Mukachevo market, Ukraine

Tomato preserve, seasoned with dill

Dill, cornelian cherries and other local products Kastamonu market, Turkey

Fresh dill and parsely,  Plovdiv market, Bulgaria

One of my recipes: its used to season a sole fish

Another recipe: the final touch in a semolina soup, with onions and salted meat