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A new Forest bathing event at mount Branzi, Lerici


Mount Branzi is a quite solitary place, uphill to the village of la Serra.  There is a Mediterranean forest there, but also open and panoramic spaces, where each of us can immerse according to personal preferences. Time will be enough to develop specific invitations, and for ourselves.

After the usual welcome and short introduction we move from the meeing point, at Case di monte Branzi, along the natural ground track, to the area where our activities will take place. Everybody could decide the level of deepening of his own practice, according to preferences.  We will meet just before 5 p.m., to celebrate spring and to take profiti of the summer clock time, that will allow light until late in the afternoon, and also will allow to lijmit the possible disturb of cyclists, that enjoy the same places.   Duration: 2.5-3 hours.

Meeting point. Sunday, May 8th 16.45 p.m. at case di monte Branzi,  Lerici.

(how to get there: from the road to la Serra, coming from the road Lerici-Romito, just before the village of La Serra, take the road on the left, with indications to Rocchetta, Redarca. Continue along the winding road to the first cross point, where you go left, with sign Monte Branzi; at the next cross point, where the road becomes with natural ground, turn left again, slightly descending to the small settlement of Case di monte Branzi, where you can park.

What to bring and other info. Practical and informal clothes, adequate to temperature and weather conditions. The activity will be rather static, so stay warm. Small backpack or bag, with your personal belongings; avoid bulky things, that may be an obstacle. You can bring a small mat or pillow to sit on the ground, but not big mats, that can be uncomfortable to hold.

We may enter inside a true forest, although not far from the main trail. So the contact with plants will be possible and, for the ones who will go deeper inside the forest, it will be possible to encounter rough terrain, fallen branches and steeper and slippery stretches.

Registration, payments and additional information

To book the activity, send an e-mail message at

info@piudimille.com, that you also find in the “contacts” page, by Friday, April 6th, at 8.00 p.m..

The booking is conformed after:

  • the reception of your e-mail, containing: name, family name, mobile number. This will serve for fast contacts in case of variations in the program. The supplied telephone numbers will not be used for any different reasons from what connected to this event, unless differently agreed.
  • this is an experimental walk, so is offered by the guide: no payment in advance is therefore requested. A free offer from you, will be appreciated and welcome, after the experience. At the end of the experience, a short questionnarie for the evaluation of the experience will be delivered to participants.

Cost, confirmation of the event, possible variations

  • The event will take place with a minimum of 4 participants. Your booking will be the only way to guarantee the activity to take place.
  • When the number of 4 participants is reached, the event will be confirmed. Otherwise, in case of cancellation, the participants who should have booked, will be advised.
  • For the optimum development of the activities, the maximum number of participants is 8. In case of a request exceeding this number, further dates can be fixed.
  • Other possible interested people who did not book advance, according to the specified deadline, can attend the event, (within the limiti of 8 people maximum), with a participation fee of 15 Euros,  that can be paid in cash before the start of the activity.
  • Besides of the minimum number of participants, the activity can be delayed or cancelled also for adverse weather conditions, accessibility of places and any other reasons that could affect the optimal development of the activity, or the comfort or safety of participants.

For further information, write at the address that you find in “contacts“, including, if you wish, your mobile number.

The activity will take place in compliance with the public health indications in force at the moment.

To know more

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