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Forest bathing at the river Enza springs

Fiorest bathing appointments in the Appennino Tosco Emiliano National park


Andiamo in una valle appartata e solitaria, vicina alla strada, ma tuttavia lontana dalla folla. Entreremo in confidenza, con bosco e i suoi particolari e con l’acqua. Le nostre attività dipenderanno dalle condizioni del momento. Concluderemo nella piana del lago Padule, per poi tornare al p unto di partenza.

Appointment. At pass del Lagastrello, at the exit of the road to Comano; we will then move to the stritng piuint of our experience; Saturday, August 19th, 2.30 pm.

What to bring. Practical and informal clothes, adequate to temperature and weather conditions. The activity will be rather static, so stay warm. Small backpack or bag, with your personal belongings; avoid bulky things, that may be an obstacle. You can bring a small mat or pillow to sit on the ground, but not bug mats, that can be uncomfortable to hold. Insect repellant. The contact with plants will be possible and, for the ones who will go deeper inside the forest, it will be possible to encounter rough terrain, fallen branches and steeper and slippery stretches

Registration, payments and additional information

  • Registration. To book the activity, send an e-mail message at: info@piudimille.com, or using the contact form, in the “contacts page.

The booking will be accepted only when:

  • the confirmation mail has been received, containing: name, family name, mobile number. This will serve for fast contacts in case of variations in the program. The supplied telephone numbers will not be used for any different reasons from what connected to this event, unless differently agreed.
  • the registration fees have been paid. For this, after your first contact, I will send you by e- mail or whatsapp:

a) the Pay Pal link and a pro-forma invoice (you do not neeed a personal Pay Pal account and can pay by credit card, or,

b) if you prefer: my bank account reference, to pay by bank transfer (please, be sure to charge possible transfer fees to yourself)

The payment will be considered as done at the reception of your proof of payment. To avoid any inconveniences, please see deadlines for confirmation and payment in the single events. Respecting deadlines will result in maximum comfort for all participants. Deadline for confirmation and payment is Thursday, August 17, 3 p.m. So, contact me with adequate advance.

This is a guaranteed activity, taking place irrespectively of a minimum number of participants. For optimal development, maximum number will be 12 people.

Cost is 20 Euros per person. For further information about special conditions of prices, write at info@piudimille.com, or use the contact form  that you find in “contacts“, including, if you wish, your mobile number.

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