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A day when ANFT (Associazione of Nature and Forest Therapy) guides of all the world offer nature connection walks and activities.

see also: https://www.natureandforesttherapy.org/ifbd

Forest bathing, shinrin yoku. You probaly have already heard these words, meaning sensory nature immersion, lead by invitations aimed at re-connecting ourselves with nature, train our senses, slow down, share experiences, and stay well.
We will particpiate from our landscapes at the Cinque Terre, so steep, rough and sunny. Almsot a challenge. But this is also a human and familiar landscape, to which tune our activities. To connect with the other intiative around the world, speaking of peace and nature communality, in all their possible forms. It will be a short walk (<2 km, two ways), with invitations and sharing. Approximate duration: 2.5-3 hours

Program and what to bring
Meeting point at the “Groppo curve”, 10 a.m. , along the road Manarola-Volastra.  Preferably wear long trousers and comfortable shoes, with sculptured sole. Clothes tuned to the season and a light k-way or poncho for light rain. A small backpack with your personal things; some water, hat, insect repellant. If you want, bring a small mat to sit on the ground, but not big and heavy, to avoid being impeded.
To arrive: close to the meeting ppoints there are few parking places; in alternative, park along the road to Manarola, free along the straight stretches of the road, or in the taxed park sites; not not park along the curves, because you will be fined, for sure. Or you can reach Manarola by train, the walk uphill for about 1 km.