I am an assassin bug

An assassin bug story

December 10, 2018

A preliminary note

Assassin bugs (Family Reduvidae) are aggressive hunter insects, that can inflict painful stings when disturbed. While adults live on plants, juvenile forms of some species hunt on the ground, where  they cover themselves with dust, to be mimetic. Hence comes their specific name of Reduvius personatus, the “masked hunter”. In case you like to know how they are, have a look here.

A FB friend found one of these strange creatures on her bed, and from there started a story, a long amazing debate, FB style, on the subject of these insects, giving raise to my connection to assassin bugs, and the story here below.

The story

Hallo everybody
I am an assassin bug. Thank to you all. You will not believe me, but for the first time I felt myself considered., almost loved, I would say. May be, I could say that until now I have been playing too much defense  and that I will not sting you anymore. I will tell that also to my friends assassin bugs, I’ll do my best. But I cannot guarantee anything… we assassin bugs too, have own individual personality: for sure you know how difficult can be to change habits… I would really want that our reputation could improve; however, I am sure you understand that to save own skin makes also sense. After all, we assassin bugs do not  stink, not like our friends bugs, that defend themselves that way.
Who knows, better to cause disgust, fear or love ? Maybe, simply being ourselves is the best option.

I am an assassin bug. Filippo D’Antuono. piudimille.com. All rights reserved.

A showy and common member of Reduvidae, Rhynocoris iracundus Poda, with its prey

And here another one, lurking on a wild orchid