Mount Verruga, volcanic fascinations, jaspers and brooms in bloom

 Here is another volcanic rock cliff, raising from the ridge to mount Porcile. Its summit has an elegant shape, with steep and rough sides, especially on the val Graveglia side, where it continues with the cliff of Rocche di Valletti. Mount Verruga is a mix of colours, changing with light and seasons. Grays and greens of the volcanic stones, the pinks of jaspers; the dark green of pine plantations, contrasting with the lighter green of natural vegetation and the spectacular yellow spring blooming of the Salzmann brooms.

Mount Verruga is never crowded; maybe because it is under-valued or since the access to its top is never trivial.  In this itineraries we will largely use non marked paths, bringing us to visit both sides of the mountain, between forests, abandoned pastures and the open vegetation of the summit. We will decide which itinerary to follow, also in dependence of the characteristic and the preferences of your group. 

Mount Verruga

Meeting point:  the tiny settlement of Colle Valletti, on the divide between the Graveglia and Vara valleys, that we must reach by own transportation. Or, Varese Ligure or other places, upon agreement, but always reaching the starting point by own transportation.

Duration: 3-6 hours of hiking, depending on pace and the itinerary.

Effort: the basic itinerary is not long, but is rather demanding, because some rather impervious stretches.

Difficulties: a possible very steep stretch and parts in slight exposition.

Period: year round, in absence of snow. The ideal periodo is certainly spring, at the time of broom blooming.

Additional info
Starting from Campore
Starting from the village of Campore allows to use old local trails, almost abandoned ; these are very interesting, but their status must be checked each time
Starting from Statale
We can also reach mount Verruga starting from Statale, a village in Graveglia valley. It is a very interesting itinerary, requiring in any case to bring a packed lunch.

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