Smell of frog

When I was a boy, this was the smell of stagnating water

April 18, 2020

This post comes from a Forest bathing virtual walk of today, in the sense that we were remotely connected, each one in his own place. I was wandering along river Savio.
We were invited to smell the air, then to become some of the living beings around, then reporting to the group.
When we were called back, I was still into the talk with my being and so only partially reported there, on the spot. In addition, the double translation, to and from the language of the being, then to English, was not that straightforward. It is therefore an occasion to finish now my story of communication.

The story

I am one of the frogs Filippo met when he was so strangely wandering around, smelling the air. We were all singing, when he came, but feeling him approaching, we turned to silence. Too late, Filippo noticed us, and indeed our chorus was loud; however, from this moment a silent communication started.
He told he was invited to smell the air and that the water had different smells. Close to our still pond, he told how that they, boys used to call this “smell of frogs”.
But, he confessed, he did not know why, since he never had the occasion of really smelling frogs. We started to be a bit concerned, since we immediately argued what was coming to his mind. But we were well hidden, so our conversation could safely go on.

The frogs’ invitation

Ok, why to wait: we already knew. And, after all, he is not a boy now, not anymore, so we can trust him. So we told: “Filippo, this is a question that no other human ever brought to us: maybe you can smell one of us, but not now. We are well hidden, so no matter to try. But, trust us, as we are trusting you.
Consider however that here is our realm, so we will follow our rules, and make a consultation. We will find one of us, brave enough to let you go close, and smell him.
Don’t worry: our voice is loud, and we can spread your willing very quickly. It will go along the water; with spring all of us are awakening, also high on the mountains. So our song will fly far away and soon all the frogs and toads of the land will know the request. By the time you humans will be out your present concerns, everything will be ready.
Then, it will be up to you: find the occasion, and you will be satisfied. Or, if you prefer, stay with your childhood idea of this smell of muddy ponds; still, call it smell of frogs, if you want, and think of us”.

The smell of frogs. Filippo D’Antuono. All rights reserved

Myself in one of my sit spots along the river Savio, close to my house; the images of frogs are old ones: today I only heard their voice, then started our silent conversation

A frog, at lake Calamone