Volcanic experiences

Volcanic experiences: the theme of this group of itineraries is hiking on volcanic rock mountains. These are not the kind of rocks that you find around still active or recent volcanoes, but rather rocks generated by primeval volcanoes, and came to us after drastic transformation, and from where nobody exactly knows. Anyway, these rocks may represent really different experiences. You feel the different already under your shoes; the volcanic rocks is hard, rough, sometimes somewhat hostile, but this is its appeal, after all. Volcanic rock is hostile also for plants, so that also the vegetation is different; plant cover is sometimes stunted and open, so that most volcanic mountains are spectacular and panoramic, even when not of relevant height.

Volcanic mountains are very common in the Ligurian Apennine, from the coast to inland. Many of them are sited very close to the sea, adding spectacular sights. Volcanic mountains are still common on the Piacenza and Parma sides, but become more rare moving east, with the last relevant blocks between Bologna and Florence.  

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